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About Me

Welcome my friends! I'm Kimberly Jo Hite...Founder and Coach of Let Your Shine & Let Your Light Shine Wellness Center!

Do you remember or know the song "This Little Light of Mine?" I remember singing it in Sunday School and it was one of my favorites. No matter what, I was going to let my light shine and nobody was going to extinguish it. Well, life happened and many times throughout my life, my LIGHT was diminished.

I've spent more than 20+ years doing all the self-help, getting coaching, taking courses + more to un-earth my light and finally LET IT SHINE again BRIGHTLY. My light hasn't been "hidden" all these years, I did have times where I SHINED so brightly, yet somehow I would find myself back to feeling like it was too much work to keep it lit.

I have discovered "secrets" and techniques and created a big ol'box of self help tools, so that now, my LIGHT is always shining, and my deepest desire is to guide others to LET THEIR LIGHT SHINE too. I truly LOVE seeing others being successful in all areas of their life and truly living lives they love! I want to guide you and walk with you on your journey to LETTING YOUR LIGHT SHINE too!

Now that I've combined my coaching online and have opened Let Your Light Shine Wellness Center, you have access to me online or in person and all that I have learned and loved to share!! I can't wait to "see" you Shine!

Shine Brightly,