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Chakraology: 7 Wheels of Alignment Workbook

Chakraology: 7 Wheels of Alignment Workbook

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8 Week of Intentional Alignment

Empowering yourself for 8 weeks aligning and balancing each of your Chakras.

Week One - Root Chakra

Week Two - Sacral Chakra

Week Three - Solar Plexus Chakra

Week Four - Heart Chakra

Week Five - Throat Chakra

Week Six - Third Eye Chakra

Week Seven - Crown Chakra

Week Eight - All Chakras

Each week is solely focused on one Chakra and spending intentional time working with it and loving it. You'll find coloring pages, additional aligning and balancing ideas, meditations and more. The workbook guides you in very simple steps to align your Chakras and has intentional journaling prompts, Chakra Flow Checklists, plus an alignment journal to see and keep track of your progress.

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If after reading this book you realize you want and need more, then be sure to sign up for the Chakraology : 7 Wheels of Alignment Empowerment Sessions. 

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