About Me

Hello Amazing Humans!! I'm so glad you've found your way to my website and all that I offer!  Let me take a minute to tell you a little bit about myself and what all I do!

My first love is being creative! I've been creative since I was a child, as most of us have been in some way. As an adult it started with becoming a certified ceramics teacher through Duncan...I still have the certifications to prove it...LOL.  Throughout the years it's changed, but I have always enjoyed combining media's and love the look of mixing earth elements. Sometimes I'm super focused on wood items, other times it's all about painting...it changes as now I do more intuitive art. Meaning I ask myself, what do I want to create today, and then allow myself the freedom to do just that. I've always loved stationary, pens, journals, stickers and affirmation decks.

My second love is energy! As my family would call it, all things Woo Woo. I love working with natural ways to heal myself and sharing it with others. Whether it be through essential oils, learning about your chakras, all different energy modalities, and of course crystals. What woman doesn't love beautiful stones...just sayin'. Now I create courses and intentional items that support my courses.

Now, combine my two loves and weave them together and I'm living my best life. Whether you found my art, my courses, in some ways they may seem separate, yet they are not. They are a blending of all that I love and offer to you, which is my third love...being of service to others by empowering them to design and live their most creative and joyful life. I love being an intuitive guide...most would call it coaching, but I really feel more like a guide when I'm working with clients...I point things out along the journey of us working together.

My loves are not in any particular order, they are just a way for me to share how my business has evolved and continues to evolve.

When I'm not doing all these amazing things...I'm affirming that I am traveling the world with my funny and loving husband (he's been affirming I'm his sugar momma, so there's that...LOL), I have amazing relationships with my 3 adult boys as they create lives they love, I have the most loving 3 furry kids and a slithering one. I love the beach! I'm a casual kinda girl, messy hair and no make-up on most days. I love turtle sundaes and I just LOVE my life!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I intend you find something that resonates and calls to you from my intentional business! 

Love, Light, & BIG Hugs,


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